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Diesel is produced from the fractional distillation of crude oil at the oil refineries. Diesel is used in various applications throughout many industries. These includes automotive diesel engines, marine boats, industrial boilers, generator sets and other industrial applications.

In Singapore, emission requirements for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 3,500 kg were effective from 1st January, 2014 for  Euro 5 (Regulation (EC) 715/2007).

Effective 1st April 2021, Malaysia introduced “EURO 5 diesel”, where the sulphur content is at a maximum of 0.001%. This was a major improvement from the maximum requirement of 0.05% previously for Euro 2M diesel. The vast reduction in sulphur content helps protect our equipments and the environment.

Based on the chart below, we can see the Sulphur content of different diesel grades.

Emission standard Sulphur Content
Euro 1 Max 2%
Euro 2 Max 0.05%
Euro 3 Max 0.035%
Euro 4 Max 0.005%
Euro 5 Max 0.001%

Success Results company has been a trader of Diesel since 2021, facilitating sales & trade of several oil majors. We provide our customers supply consistency and continuity at all times. We can also provide our customers with very competitive prices from our various sources of supply based in Singapore, Middle East, China or Taiwan.

Euro4 and Euro5 Diesel Delivered Worldwide

At Success Results, we offer you the most competitive prices for Euro4 and Euo5 diesel. Singapore’s petroleum refining, storage, and distribution infrastructure is key to global energy trade. Jurong Island is home to over 100 international petroleum, petrochemical, and chemical companies.

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High Quality Road Diesel

  • Diesel 10 PPM (Parts per Million)
  • Series Diesel 10ppm is an improved fuel version from the Diesel 50 PPM Sulphur.
  • Generally used in diesel automotive to reach emission standard for Euro 5 & above.
  • Direct from Refinery meeting strict guidelines of BS EN 590:2009 quality standards.
  • Rock bottom competitive prices based on large bulk buying power.
  • Recommended as it lowers maintenance costs.
  • Dependable in keeping your diesel engine clean and protected from wear.
  • Less harmful to the environment.

Marine Gas Oil (MGO)

Success Results specializes in supplying a range of Marine Fuels to meet the ship’s fuel requirements. We are committed to delivering the highest quality assurance and safety standards – be assured that our marine fuel is within the obligations for IMO 2020. We strive to maintain high standards of safety in all of its operations

Our exclusive High Grade MGO is suitable for marine applications. The Sulphur content ranges from 0.05%-0.5%, available in bulk, container, drums, etc.

Industrial Distillate Fuel (IDF)

Maintaining the durability of the equipment is essential for the industrial world. IDF is a low sulphur distillate fuel oil, commonly used for combustion processes. E.g., boilers and furnaces, with a fuel requirement of sulphur content lower than 0.5%m.


EN 590 is an automotive diesel that is produced according to industry-imposed specifications of ISO in Paris.This fuel obtains up to 40% more mileage per weight unit of fuel. It is a popular choice as it is known to present less harmful emissions than a number of other fuels.

Fuels sold within the European Union must meet with EN590 physical properties.

ULSD is Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel which is almost the only type of fuel that is used in Europe and North America. This is a preferred fuel as it boasts much lower sulphur content than other fuels. Heavy processing techniques are carried out on the fuel to remove the high sulphur levels which results in this particular type of fuel offering lower fuel economy. This of course affects transport costs and the cost of the actual fuel. There is no one single set of specifications for this particular product.

Appearance at 25˚C Max 1
Ash content Max 0.01% Wt
Carbon residue (10% distillation) Max 0.2% mass
Sulfur content Max 10 ppm
Cetane Index Min 46
Cloud point Max -1˚C
Colour Max 2
Conductivity at 20˚C Min 150 pS/m
Copper corrosion (3 hrs at 50˚C) Max Class 1
Density @ 15 C g/ml Min-Max 0.820-0.845
Distillation Max 360˚C
Distillation % volume recovered at 250˚C Max 65.0%
Distillation % volume recovered at 350˚C Min 85.0%
Flash point Min 64˚C
Lubricity (corrected wear scar diameter at 60˚C 460 microns
Odour Merchantable
Oxidation stability Max 25 mg/L
Particulate matter Max 24 mg/kg
Viscosity at 40˚C Min-Max 2.0-4.5 cSt
Water content Max 100 mg/kg
Water & sediment Max 0.05% volume

Specifications for Diesel EN590

Quality of D-2 GAS (DIESEL) OIL EN 590 delivered under the present contract should meet to requirements of GOST 305-82, switching, but not being limited to the requirements of the below mentioned specification.


Density at 15˚C REPORT Kg/L 0.840
  REPORT Kg/L 0,845
COLOUR 25 Max 1.10
Distillation at 90% Recovered 370 Max ?C 365.7
Kinematic Viscosity at 40 ?C 1.5 – 5.8 cst 4.0(typical)
Sulphur 0.0010 Max Wt 0.0010
  10 ppm
Carbon Residue (10% Residue) 0.1 Max Wt < 0.1 (typical)
Flash Point 56 Min ?C 60.0
Total Acid Number 0.25 Max Mg KOH/g 0.1 (typical)
Strong Acid Number Nil Mg KOH/g Nil (typical)
Water by Distillation Max 200 Mg/kg
Ash Max 0.01 % wt 0.002 (typical)
Cetane Index 47 Min 55
Pour Point ?C -10
Sediment by Extraction 0.01 Max Wt % < 0.01 (typical)
Copper Corrosion 1 Max 1B
Cold Filter PluggingPoint Summer Intermediate Winter °C  –          5-         11-          20

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